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Punjabi Shayari (New Shayari)

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Punjabi Status for Whatsapp

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how to change password of gmail account

Changing email passwords frequently is recommended by all providers of security services. Like other email accounts, Gmail also allows users to change their password in order to manage and use easily as well as ensure the safety, prevent others from accessing your account.

In this post, hollister-inc.net will explain you how to change Gmail password quickly with a couple steps below:

Step 1: Open your web browser and access to https://accounts.google.com/Login

Step 2Log into your Gmail account.


Step 3: In the main interface of Gmail mailbox, click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Settings.


Step 4: Click on Account and Import along the top then choose Change password.


You will get asked to sign in to your account again:


Step 5: Changing the password screen appears, do as follows:

– Type the new password.

– Type the new password once more time to confirm.

Once done, click the Change Password button.


Completed all above steps then you have changed Gmail password successfully. You will now need to use this new password to access your Gmail account and other Google products that are linked to this account such as YouTube.


22 Jul

steps to to Delete Your Gmail Account

If you’ve decided that you no longer want to use your Gmail account, you can choose to remove your email address from your Google account.

Deleting your Gmail address will delete your emails and all the messages in it but note that it won’t delete your entire Google Account.(and still keep your Google, YouTube, Google+ page, etc. accounts).

Note that once  you deleted your Gmail address, you can get it back again. If you deleted it recently, you might be able to recover your old emails.

Delete Your Gmail Account

Step 1Sign in to your account and head to the My Account. Under the section labeled Account Preferences, click on the option that reads Delete your account or services:



Step 2: Click on Delete products:


Step 3: All of your active Google accounts will be listed here. Click on the Gmail option and then follow the onscreen instructions:


Step 4: Click on Remove Gmail permanently and verify your selection. You will be asked to provide a new primary email address with which to log in to other Google services (i.e. YouTube, Blogger).

Once you’ve confirmed your selection, you will be sent an email from Gmail with the subjectGmail Removal Confirmation. Click on the link to reconfirm your account removal, and then click on Verifyto finalize the removal.

Your Gmail account will be removed from the server with 48 hours.

What happens when you delete your Gmail address

  • The messages will be deleted permanently. You can no longer access them in Gmail.
  • Your Google Account, including purchases made on Google Play and your search history, won’t be deleted.
  • If you downloaded a copy, either using Google Takeout or using an email program, you can still use these messages, of course.

What happens when someone sent to Your Gmail Address?

  • People who mail your old Gmail address will receive back a delivery failure message.
22 Jul

Learning With Photoshop Cs Tutorials

 Photoshop CS tutorials will certainly be of fine use people who have long purchased the program and didn’t yet maximized its work with. Taking the lessons and tutorials will definitely help you become more productive and artsy.

Photoshop CS Tutorials

There some things discover more with your Photoshop Cs. You can explore them and utilize each for ones own use. Here are some of the aspects a person look to from basic Photoshop CS tutorials.

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Learn the Basics

The basics of Photoshop CS tutorials will obsess with getting you familiar the brand new different aspects to manage Photoshop. Involves screen areas, layers and styles, droplets, actions several the advance of new image samples.

This may expose you in understanding images. This must a person how you can explore the blend modes and distinguish the vector from the bitmap visual.

Techniques and Tools

After passing the basics, the tutorials can next lead you navigate the selections on painting, drawing and creating shapes. Is going to dwell exactly how to you will do filling, cropping, cloning, sampling, annotation and retouching.

This a portion of the Photoshop CS tutorial will assist you to appreciate more how the net web sites and web in general are ordered. You will see how graphics and animation basically operates.

Optimization and Download

You can learn about browsers, JavasScript, platforms, backgrounds, positioning, monitor resolution and interpolation at this stage. This will be especially used in you if you plan to expand on internet page.

Any Photoshop endeavor will also bank alot on the shades. This part of the tutorial will explore the best color choices for your web site. You can learn proven tips for using colors, explore their modes, and choose them prudently.

If every one of these words mentioned above still sound very much Greek to you, then it’s all the more important that you can start your tutorials.

Photoshop CS Tutorials Options

Now that there is seen essential taking lessons on your Photoshop program, then you can start exploring the numerous options to positively learn. Here are some of them:

1. Web site Tutorials

You can access blogs that will teach you how to operate Photoshop. For just a fee, you can explore the positioning and anything you should find out.

2. Demo Version

There are also demo versions for Photoshop tutorials so that you can download totally free. This will include couple of chapters definitive. You can use this to evaluate the offers of an actua site have to the whole package.

3. CD Version

You could purchase the CD the final results learn everything about Photoshop even if you’re not online.

4. PDF Files

Some web tutorials offer tutorials inside of PDF style. This is a good choice for people who desire a printout for their lessons.

5. Video Tutorials

Photoshop CS video tutorials are good also if you need to get guided in most step of the way. This will prove to you precisely what you interested in and just click.


Online Photoshop CS tutorials provide most beneficial opportunity for individuals to maximize their program and skills to get more productive and artistic. So take the initiative now. Make sure you learn and you can now definitely make full use of it.

18 Jul

Educational Games–the Benefits Of Using Online Games In The Learning Process

Is actually usually not a secret that online computer games, purchase bringing fun and effectively consuming your time, likewise be used for educational purposes. Over the past decades, they have become very popular with teachers, parents and, of course, kids. In fact, have got even acquired quite a comfortable position in the educational system, they have even penetrated into the K-12 classroom, and now help students learn digital technologies and computer while mastering their skills and knowledge of academic subjects (such as maths, languages, painting, physics, the basics of management and economics, etc.)
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Online games can therefore rightfully be named the efficient means of teaching, evaluating and controlling students, to say nothing of boosting their motivation to review. Moreover, they allow the teachers, parents and pupils understand the progress from the latter within the lapse of time – seeing their performance improving, realizing the progress they make and becoming more responsible about their studies.

So, what are we are all of using online games in the learning task?

Playing computer games an activity that provides our kids with an opportunity to generate their skills while enjoying yourselve. Moreover, games can double by teachers and parents for the evaluation of your kids’ skills and knowledge. Of course they can hardly be called a proper and outstanding assessment tool (unless we are talking about proper educational games), still they allow to evaluate students’ skills and the progress they are making in learning.

Which is more, electronic games are compact and easily accessible. Very important is, to my mind, the development of students’ creative skills while playing certain regarding games – e.g. among the painting games need a greater creative approach.

Playing quality games evokes in the children the sense of responsibility recommended to their learning and encourages these types of acquire new skills, along with the development of inventive thinking. Playing computer games is not necessarily a skills-assessing tool, likewise the way to intensify the learning process help make it more efficient and interesting. The spirit of healthy competition is also likely to be evoked in the kids – because they will certainly want to earn more scores than their peers, to complete the game faster, etc.

The online computer games can be used for developing and demonstrating certain skills and knowledge, all of which are:

– Using computer skills (required by pretty much any online game).

– The knowledge of mathematics. Nice examples of maths games are ‘The Equator’ (where you should try to solve simple equations but non-stop and within a specific time limit, so that it virtually blows your thoughts!) or ‘Ben 10 Mathrix’ an individual are answering questions on maths.

– Management abilities. Some examples of such games are ‘Beauty Resort’ (where your career is to work your way up from a small spa to an extravagant resort using the principles of personal time management and managing organization) and ‘Hotel Management’ (where you are managing a hotel).

– Creative skills. There are games, for example, that combine creative skills with knowledge of maths – e.g. ‘Winnie, Tigger and Piglet Color Maths’ or ‘Mickey and Friends Coloring Maths Game’. They convey a great an opportunity to train maths skills while coloring a dream – solving simple equations kids figure out which color they ought to use every single detail among the picture.

All in all, we will conclude that using online computer games for learning and teaching purposes may be very beneficial for a variety of reasons: accessibility, convenience, time spent – and, of course, pleasure brought towards kids.

17 Jul

Cinema Box For Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV

 Do really like online streaming on your Amazon Fire Stick or TV? Are you search for Cinema Box movie streaming app for Amazon fire TV stick or Box? Then you need to read this article as we are going inform you tips on how to install Cinema Box for Fire Stick or TV devices. Cinema Box Apk is An Android App that allows you to stream your favorite movies for no cost of appeal.
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Once you put in Cinema Box On Fire Stick may can have an overabundance fun of watching simple . stuff. For that, you need to download the latest version of Cinema Box Apk file from given link. In this article, intend to provide provide the installation steps to install Cinema Box on FireStick.

Cinema Box For Amazon Fire Stick & Fire TV

May 15, 2017 By admin 5 Comments

Do you like online streaming on your Amazon Fire Stick or TV? A person search for Cinema Box movie streaming app for Amazon fire TV stick or Case? Then you need posted this article as we all going to tell you how you can install Cinema Box for Fire Stick or TV devices. Cinema Box Apk is An Android App that an individual to stream your favorite movies for gratis of expenses.

Once you put in Cinema Box On Fire Stick then can have more fun of watching simple . stuff. For that, you have to to download the latest version of Cinema Box Apk file from given link. In this particular article, we will provide the installation steps to install Cinema Box on FireStick.


Install Cinema Box On Amazon Fire Stick & TV

Cinema Box app for Fire Stick Apk works with the Android mobiles as well as Nutritional supplements. CinemaBox on Fire Stick will entertain you in various segments with regard to example Movies and tv Shows. Content articles want in order to Cinema Box on Android Fire Stick or TV the installation steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Setting Up Amazon Fire Stick With TV

Once you connect Amazon Fire Stick Streaming player with your TV, now you need to check up for additional steps to install Cinema Box HD racing Stick

Step 2: Enable Apps From Unknown Source Installation

Before installing any to ensure apps like Cinema Box, you would need to cross check whether you turned on Unknown Source option or not

To Have the option on Amazon Fire Stick, Go to Settings

Method 2 Cinema Box For Android TV

Step 1: Initially, download the Cinema Box Apk on your Android by clicking around the link given below.

Step 2: Once could be downloaded, discover the file on the inside file manager on your mobile.

Step 3: Afterward, tap on the file you have to the installation process.

Step 4: Accept all the terms and types of conditions to complete the installation process expertly.

Step 5: After installation, you can observe the Mobdro application icon on residential energy screen of your mobile.

Step 6: Now, tap on the icon to open the application and enjoy watching your favorite stuff complimentary.

Cinema Box Apk is really a third party application which can unavailable inside the Google play store so, you do find a replacement way to download this request. The best and secure involving downloading is Apk file and tend to be providing the genuine file with this particular site.

You can click on the link given and download the latest Cinema Box Apk database. Before downloading the Apk, desire to to enable the unknown sources on your mobile. For that, need to have to pay a visit to the settings on your mobile, tap on protection option, and view the Unknown Sources offer. This process give you get any to ensure application on your own own android program.

Follow the steps already stated in this article to install the CinemaBox Apk on PC or android mobile without any errors. We hope you all like this tutorial if yes please do share making use of your friends and let them use the Mobdro application. Also, we have given the list of features so that can believe that the Mobdro is the best online streaming android application. Leave your comments below when you have questions.

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Free Help For Writing A Motivation Dissertation


Need Motivation compose Scholarly Dissertations on Motivation?

Require Genuine Suggestions for Your Motivation Dissertation?

Want to Read Complete Motivation Dissrtation Statistical Analysis Service for Inspiration?

To facilitate the writing of a reason dissertation, it is obligatory as a student to have considerable comprehension of the subject in question. There should be ample information relating to the application of motivation to varied disciplines. This data and information can be gained from a systematic motivation research applying effective research methodologies.

Select an issue for Your Motivation Dissertation

The one of the most step to writing dissertations on motivation is picking out a relevant topic. Good ideas and topics provide a strong base for motivation dissertations and justify your research efforts. Try one on the following topics for your motivation dissertation.

Application of contemporary Motivational Associated with Workplace Environment

How to Motivate Students in Todays Classrooms

Performance Motivation Tools for Employers

Comparison of Performance Motivation and Achievement Motivation

Using Emotional Motivation at the Workplace Wrong or right?

The Argument Section belonging to the Paper

As soon as the right topic is selected, you now have to begin the next important step of your thesis. An ideal writing an abstract or not, preparing an argument is by far the tip for your term paper. Be sure to always be scrupulous within your argument although deeply on the stock market of your motivation thesis. Similarly, your research should be intended at getting the best information available on motivation like a subject.

Review and analyze all literary material available to you on the required topic. Think of yourself as creative with your ideas about motivational practices and do not be skeptic about putting in lots of examples.

Counter Argument Section

Examine and submit conflicting observations from earlier motivation dissertations with your views.

Conclusive Argument Section

This section is more than findings of one’s research with your personal opinion on the targeted matter.

References Be particularly cautious when citing references in the reference division of your Professional Dissertation Editors.

16 Jul

Top 3 Android Apps of 2013

As 2013 is on its end, here are the top 3 apps which just be downloading on your Android powered device. These 3 apps are the education applications and games.
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1. Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard is a must have app for every android user. Swiftkey keyboard enables user to use a keyboard like never before. With beautiful swype feature and great predictions judges, Swiftkey stands considering that top android app for 2013.

2. Gta San Andreas

Gta San Andreas just hit the play store. It is hard to believe that how this huge game came to Android device. Extraordinary and better  original title. You can purchase it from Google play for $6.99. Five years ago, Carl Johnson escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos, San Andreas, a city tearing itself apart with gang trouble, drugs and file corruption. Where filmstars and millionaires do very best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers.

Now, it is the early 1990s. Carl’s got to go property or home. His mother has been murdered, his family members have fallen apart and his childhood friends are all heading towards disaster.

On his return towards the neighborhood, a pair of corrupt cops frame him for tough. CJ is forced on a journey that takes him all over the entire regarding San Andreas, to save his relatives and to control the streets.

3. Minecraft – Pocket Edition

Mincecraft may be the top paid android app/game for quite some time. with over 5 million purchases to date, Mincecraft does well any other game in Android niche. Description

Minecraft is nearly placing blocks to build things on and on on expeditions.

Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, and randomly generated globe’s. You can craft, create and breed anywhere in the world so long as you need to hands spare and battery to light.

Since the number one release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, we’ve added heaps of new features and made massive improvements to means things show up. There’s never been a better time to savor Minecraft touring.

So these were the top three paid android apps of 2013. Might year may have more technology than before and may well see more awesome android apps and games in 2014.

Are you looking to download Android apk files? Then apkuniverse is where you have searching for. you can download apk apps there. Seen on laptops . many great free android apps that can make your android powered device feel alive.

15 Jul

How to Jailbreak iPad 2

Apple has revolutionized the world with its latest invention-iPad. With the latest edition “iPad 2”, coming to action; the portability and dedicated advanced features from this techno-buster will surely create history. With the launch of new iPad 2, apple has made some significant changes in it by the addition of some new key attributes and special functions.
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iPad 2 comes with a dual-core A5 chip can make it two times faster than the first apple ipad. Anyone can easily feel the variation at the time period of surfing the web, making Face-Time video calls, watching movies, gaming and going from one application an additional. This new chip gives iPad 2 a new speed.

The graphics performance of this latest version is 9 times faster than the old one. So, the users can feel the games smoother and more sensible playing into it. The applications related to video are faster especially for using iMovie for editing videos, photo library, and animations in Keynote.

Well people of which are new to Apple product, jailbreak is process which allows you to install Third Party application to iPad 2 . 5. After jailbreaking iPad 2, you are in a download themes, extensions and applications that are unavailable through Apple’s official App Outlet.

Now first of all, we needs to know what’s jailbreak. iOS jail breaking is often a process that authorize the devices running Apple’s iOS computer itself (such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and recently Apple TV) obtain complete access to unlock all features of the said operating system, thereby removing limitations imposed by Apple. Once jailbroken, iOS users are capable of download additional applications, extensions and themes that are unavailable through the official Apple App Store.

Here we give you a way to jailbreak iPad 2, which is quite safe without any issue. This jailbreaking method will let the iPad 2 to use all the available features with unbounded restrictions. All share the same process of fighting.

Step by step tutorial : how you can jailbreak iPad two or three?

Step 1: Verify the iTunes a person use is most recent version and then sync your iPad on last level of order to back all the data of iPad 2 up. Download the Sprit, a new jailbreaking tool for Mac or PC, and connect the iPad to your using the USB cable.

Step 2: Run the Spirit jailbreak application. If you’re a Windows user, you’ll want to run the program as an administrator-right, click on the .exe file and select “Run as Administrator” from the menu.

Step 3: Click the “jailbreak” button, and the iPad will automatically reboot.

Once rebooted, you might have the “Cydia” application installed on your iPad’s desktop. From it, you can download all unapproved, third-party applications.

Moreover, so far as legal proceedings are concerned, jailbreaking is legalized in US and in many countries in European union. So nowadays, it has been widely done.

The only potential issues are if you install apps that haven’t been specifically designed to work with iOS. Some Cydia apps will cause your screen to consider a little different, such as shrinking your dock. This is not a big deal and can be handled by simply restarting your unit.

So that is how you can perform an ipad 2 jailbreak. After jailbreak iPad 2, if you are interested in watch movies online on iPad 2, free movie converter for iPad end up being the your indispensable software to convert video to iPad 2. Stay tune to us for much more information we are here to update you with all the modern news and facts and details about iPad and ipad.

11 Jul

How To Resolve Internet Explorer Script Error

Frequently working on the net, Internet explorer will show Scrip Error on the internet.

Internet Explorer Script Errors comes sometimes when however problem with the programmer existing on the web .And Script errors furthermore the result of the computer setting which avoid Traveler to perform the script properly.
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If there is no problem with the programmer on the web page, then u have to check web page additional use account, additional browser, and different computer system. This particular particular you will take a look at know where merely the problem exists. If then there is no error with the program offers you while using different browser, computer or account then problem must be with the settings of the computer or files for the computer. If this can be a reason u be obliged to click following procedure: Start Internet Explorer, In the Tools menu click Internet Options then associated with dialog box click Security Tab, Click Default Level and afterwards it Ok.

You even really should try to check whether Web browser has blocked Active X, Active Scripting.

Delete the temporary Internet-related files. Promoting sometimes the strength of Internet files becomes huge thats why some display problems exists whenever we open web site. To delete all the existing Temporary saved files-Start Internet Explorer, On the Tools menu click Internet Options then click the general Tab click Settings click Delete files and Ok, also click Delete Cookies and again Ok, click Clear History Yes and Ok.

If you know that there isn’t any problem with computer system and the browser it is advisable to repair Script Engine for Internet Explorer for the millennium edition, Windows 98 and its second variation. Script Engine can be updated as anyway. Internet Explorer script error appears while your program doesnt display any video, Smooth Scrolling certainly is the reason within the script slip-up.

To overcome from Smooth Scrolling aided by the Internet Explorer 6 adhere to the following steps: On several menu, click Internet Options, then regarding the Advanced tab, click Use Smooth Scrolling check box, Click OK, and u can exit from Traveler. One more solution to Internet Explorer Script errors is can perform install recent software updates and service pack for Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer6. You can install Internet 6 or 7.

Hardware Accelerations are use in Internet Explorer to expand the speed of the programmers. And if the Hardware Accelerations are set incorrectly incredibly also result in Script Discrepancies. To overcome from this problem closed down Hardware Speed. Select Click the option Start, then in outside box, type desk.cpl and press Approach. Click Settings tab, and Advanced navigation bars. Then click Troubleshoot tab, and shift the Hardware Acceleration slider to None. And lastly press OK two working days.

At times Internet Explorer Script Errors are bothersome. You can even hide this response. To get rid of these errors one should follow next steps:

Open Internet Explorer, Check out Tools menu, click the web Option menu item, Open Advanced tab and then click Ok button to your box next to the Display illegal program. And then ok

Thats them. You are done.