03 Aug

A Look Into The Fantastic World Of Pokemon Diamond

Pokemon has always strived to deliver a grand adventure into unknown lands filled with strange creatures to the player, leaving a unique impression just like adventures they had as a child. Pokemon Diamond succeeds in propelling this heritage to new grounds, with new technology and many years of experience to grow from. By befriending the Pokemon in the vast land before the player, they can explore every corner, and fill every slot in the dictionary-like Pokedex.
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The goal of the game, and every edition in the series, is to catch every pokemon and become the world’s greatest master trainer. Battles are engaging, pitting the player’s own pokemon against rivals or wild pokemon, and are simple enough that any age group can pick it up. Through adventuring around the diverse world, the Pokedex expands its catalog with every new Pokemon gathered and encountered.

The Diamond version sets itself apart from the others in the long series primarily through the use of the Nintendo DS’s Dual Screen and Wi-Fi capabilities. This handheld device connects millions of pokemon game owners and allows them to not only battle and trade with one another, but also to talk via the built in microphone. The controls are seamlessly integrated into the DS and the player can choose between the D-pad and the touch screen to operate their game.

The main protagonist begins in his or her hometown where the local professor gives them their very first pokemon to take along on their great and fantastic journey. The trainer, as the main character is referred to, wants to be a Pokemon League Champion. To do this they must venture around the world and defeat all of the gym leaders and the Elite Four. Along the way, the trainer comes across and decides to stop the sinister organization called Team Galactic who wishes to use their monster for evil.

This particular version is the birth ground of quite a bit of legendary and exotic pokemon, all of which can be obtained via battles or trades. The most important in the Diamond version is the mighty steel dragon Dialga, the ruler of time. This titan of time has a long history of battles with the spatial pokemon Palkia, ruler of space.

The ability to play with other live people in head to head competitions, trade, and communicate is activated after a certain point in the game, to make sure a certain level of experience is earned before jumping into a knowledgeable community. This helps expand the already dedicated fan-base to those who love to meet new friends, and to play together with friends. People from all around the world can join together and enjoy the wonders of catching Pokemon, whether the creature is cute, scary, powerful, or funny.

Pokemon Diamond is a high-scoring game that all DS owners can enjoy. Continuing its time-honored tradition of exploration and instilling mystery, this Pokemon game stands solidly among all competition in the gaming industry. Pokemon fans will be happy to add this story to their collection built from the games, television series, movies, and cards, with a fresh introduction to the Pokemon universe.

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