13 Oct

Top 4 Secrets to make your puppy ramp walker on the doggies fashion show!

Leash training a puppy is not only to train the puppy to walk nicely on a leash, but also you must teach him to walk on left side always. Puppy must also learn that he should not be distracted at any other things than you in walking sessions.

A significant task in training sessions is to voluntarily communicating with the puppy about the optimistic and negative behaviors. Remember your puppy is young and needs time to learn this etiquette in perfect manner. If you start the training sessions at this stage, it would be master in walking on a leash at his adultery stage. Then you may ripen the fruits of the walking sessions.

Some puppies may jump, roll and even bite you as if we are killing them with the collar and leash. But don’t be afraid it’s usual behavior, soon the puppy adopts to the outfits. Even human beings hate wearing ID tags, collar buttons in the neck, but circumstances make them adopt. In the same way your puppy will also learn to wear collars and leashes.

Easy task of training puppy:

Training a puppy is an easy go task but re-training an adult dog is such a fuss. So you are lucky enough to train your puppy at his early stage. Will you beat or scold your baby for not performing its task perfectly?  Obviously no, this suits even to puppies. Be patient until they perform the task perfectly.

Special attention!

Respond to the behaviors of puppy whether it’s good or bad. If the puppy readily accepts the wearing of collar reward him a treat immediately. If you delay for this behavior and give him the treat after a minute as the puppy scratches or tries to get out of the collar, then your puppy might misunderstand. He thinks for scratching or nodding the head and removing the collar, you praise him. Hence be attentive in sessions to reward optimistic behaviors immediately.

Step-1 :

Prior step in leash training is fixing the flat nylon collar or harness to the puppy and conditioning them to their outfits. As the puppy is brought to your home, fix the ID collar to them with two fingers gap. Watch them, whether they are making fuss on wearing collars. Leave them undisturbed for about 15-30 minutes. Then you may remove the collar, if the puppy does not get excited about removing that. If the excitement happens in puppy, leave him undisturbed, let him be with the collar.


After puppy feels comfortable with the leash permanently, clip the leash with collar. Let him drag and roam around the home. Be there to supervise him whether he entangles in furniture legs.


In the next session, hold the other end of a leash and tempt him with treat. Keep the treat in left hand, tempt him, then let him make the leash lose and come forward. Repeat these step two or three times.

Step -4:

In the next sessions, continue walking with the help of treats. After few sessions as the puppy obeys even your surprise commands, take him to explore the world.

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13 Oct

Little known secrets about the history of black Friday (Thanksgiving day)!

I know you are in great chaos that, “which idiot has named these camphoric 96 hours as Black Friday?” But the truth is it was started as the dark day. Some of you may be accountants and you may probably know the reason for the name behind the Black Friday! Here is the secret and history behind the rise of this fire sale on Black Friday!

In the log details of the shop, usually, profits are marked in black ink whereas the loss in red. So this is the modern myth of rising this Black Friday sale. Yes, probably all the people would grab a huge amount of products and deals in this Black Friday and hence this is the day at which all the purchases of concern would be in BLACK. This is one of the reasons for the name of the fire sale day!

Hidden secret of US gold market

The rise of “Black Friday” was not on the holiday sale but the fall of US gold market. Yes, there was a fall on the US gold market on the early stages at September 24, 1869. On this darker day of gold market, two wall street financiers, Jay Gould &  Jim Fisk, tried to buy the entire nation’s gold on the crash market of US. After that, they have planned to sell them at a high price as the demand for the gold increases. With this tricky financiers, the day ended up with great fall in the gold market and hence this is called as “Black Friday”. In my perspective, this may be a black Friday for US gold market, but “Good Friday” for Jay and Jim!

Inaccurate accountancy

However, the evergreen story and myth about the Black Friday sale is that the accountancy mark. Accounts of the retailers with profit are marked in black and losses in red. This happens after the Thanksgiving day of holiday shoppers as the shoppers provide them a huge fall on discounts on every product. Even though it’s the live truth, it’s not the story behind the official name of black Friday. The fact is inaccurate but this is the officially sanctioned rise of black Friday.

SIR secrets

SIR “Slave I’m Ready” is the another myth in late 1800’s for this Black Friday. The back 1800’s has a myth on black Friday that Southern plantation owners would buy a number of slaves with huge discounts after the Thanksgiving day. But this root of black Friday has been boycotted in modern days, it’s out of date!

POLIS story

The Black Friday has also the Cop story on the rise of the name and deals. In back 1950s on the day of Thanksgiving, the Polis of the Philadelphia, used the term Black Friday to depict their extra shifts to control the crowd and theft on that day. The day was great to shoplifts, but for the cops it had been a great day of chaos, hence they termed it as “Black Friday” of Philadelphia.

Merchandise story

Later, the merchants of the city Philadelphia tried to make this sorrow day of Thanksgiving as a “Big Friday” in the motive to vanish the negative thoughts of the COP story. But their new film release had flopped among the citizens of Philadelphia!

In recent years of 1985, the “Big Friday” dream of merchants had come up with great success in shopping deals. Hence at the late 1980s, the merchants had successfully planted the seeds of positive thoughts of the Black Friday story of Cops of Philadelphia. The merchant’s impact on the Black Friday made their ledgers with full of Black ink on the “Big Friday.”

A great fire sale started on Black Friday!

Finally, the Thanksgiving day has now become the great Black Friday which grabs the American’s stores huge profit. Also, the great fact is it commences before the great festive of Christmas. Now the Black Friday fire sale discounts are live for you shoppers with many deals on web hosting, electronics, clothing, home deals and so on. This black Friday has now been extended to the customers as Business Saturday & Sunday, Cyber Monday. A strategy reveals that in this Black Friday 79.6% of people would take advantage of this fire sale within 96 hours!

Sure, the emergence of Black Friday would not be great without the shoplifters. Thanks for giving this Thanksgiving day to the shoplifters! Grab your discount coupons and save up to 80% off on this fire sale buddies!

I am delighted to see my folks traffic in the website on this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. So the folks visiting my page, please share your comments below shortly on the camphoric 96 hours!