05 Sep

Why Google Limits Access To Facebook Through Gmail?

The relationship between Google and Facebook is complicated but it has never been so tense following Googles decision to prevent Facebook users from obtaining direct access from their Gmail account. It illustrates a growing rivalry concerned with the two major Internet associations. The worlds number one Internet search engine no longer allows automatic email imports to Facebook friend list, unless there is a reciprocal flow of advice.
It is likely that Google is annoyed by its relationship imbalance with Facebook. If users perform searches while on Facebook, write e-mails via Facebook, use instant messaging with Facebook, all this may be found at the expense of Google.

Google accuses Facebook that it taps into Gmails user data without providing Google enough access on Facebook prospects. The largest social network site has a lot more 500 million subscribers and it uses external e-mail software program as Googles Gmail to help members find friends which are already part belonging to the network. It especially allows Facebook to increase its enrollment regularly. However, Mark Zuckerbergs company did not immediately react to problem.

Some experts consider that there are other justifications for Google in performing this action. The future domination of Internet may be concentrated in the emerging battle between Facebook and Google’s.

By blocking the Facebook API (Application Programming Interface) for retrieving contacts from Gmail users to do friend requests, Google tries to create a win-win situation, it has been many months since Google has got down to convince Facebook to open more access, which can be similarly beneficial to Google. Essentially, issue must be quickly addressed by Facebook as it relies upon external services like Gmail to allow its member to new friends.

We all see that Google has web 20 aspirations. The Internet Giant had even hinted about web pages development of a social network service but has never shared any knowledge about the project. It is usually possible that telephone calls people to a great access on Facebook through their Gmail service to estimate how many Gmail users have Facebook account.

Because as of today, the access has been severely restricted and could possibly be terminated completely soon, it has caused some speculations among experts that Google will release specific social network inside an or two many years. As of right now, Google doesnt possess kind of presence in social networking segment and it’s not logical that Yahoo is reaching out to complete their domination the web.

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